10 Days To Better Wellness

10 Days To Better Wellness


I am thrilled to announce that my first course has launched on Highbrow, an email-based learning platform with classes ranging from art and science to business and health and much more. My class is called 10 Days to Better Wellness and it is all about what I consider the five basic components to living a healthy lifestyle and your best life. It is peppered with science-backed facts and information, motivation, inspiration, tips, and recommendations for some of my favorite books and podcasts in the wellness category.

The great news is that the Highbrow folks have provided me with an offer code for 50% off premium membership, which gives you unlimited access to premium courses (where my class resides) for one year for only $24. The offer code isĀ EYSTER50OFF.

So check out Highbrow, and my course specifically. I have no doubt you will find some interesting classes!

Cheers to lifelong learning!