Cork Pops Makes it Easy & Fun to Open that Bottle of Wine!

Cork Pops & Italian Gavi

If you’ve never opened a bottle of wine with a screwless  Cork Pops wine opener, you are really missing out on some fun.

I’ve been using one for years now and really enjoy how easy it makes opening a bottle without damaging the cork. You simply “inject” the cork with the needle, lightly press the cartridge, then gently pull up. Out “pops” the cork, with very satisfying sound effects, not quite as dramatic as popping open a bottle of Champagne, but close.

The Cork Pops wine opener would make a nice host gift. The “Legacy” version comes with a foil wrapper cutter at the base. Click to purchase.

Speaking of wine, I am on a quest lately for anything but over-oaked chardonnay, overly acidic sauvignon blanc and well, I am just not a fan of Pinot Grigio. You could say I’ve been craving some new experiences in white wine.

Recently I experimented with an Italian Gavi from Piedmont. I found Castellari Bergaglio Fornaci 2010 Gavi to be mildly acidic, fruity and very drinkable. It paired nicely with roast salmon.

Do you have any white wine recommendations that are void of oak and not too acidic? If so, leave them in the comments!

Photo: Cork Pops